Ask nicely
Do u like to have baby?
I would like some in the future 😌
Do you enjoy being complimented or does it make you feel a little uncomfortable/weird ?
It makes me feel all warm inside ☺️
Do you ever just wanna have a deep conversation with someone late at night but you have no one to talk to?
Erm... it’s not that I don’t have anyone its that it might scare them 🌚😂
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Reply with an emoji for a para on my status update tings
This should be interesting - why not I guess 😂
attractive, funny, super nice, sticks up for me☺️
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You are amazing, that is nice 😍
You are amazing 😍😍
OI anon stop harassing the poor girl , or I'm gonna kick you in the balls 🌚💪
They must me, you are like an angel, god i want you so bad 😍😍😍
Nudes from you must be heavenly 😍😍
If i sent you a nude then what would you do ?
You clearly have, dont lie
Ever sent nudes ?
None of your business
Busted the fattest nut last week just thinking about makes me shake
Do you have brothers and sisters?
If I was to come to your country, and you met me for a drink, which establishment would you take me to?
Hard Rock Cafe
Your lips look soooo soft and kissable! Do you have a beauty regime to keep them that way? 👄