Ask nicely
What do you think if 6ix9ine?
69? sex position? that my Girls favourite, whenever there's a Sunset 👅💦
Name One Food ?
I dont know, i love food so much so yea
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Time to get to know more of each other ! 😊 Give me a number and I'll give you a number ✌ #GiveAndTake #Stolen 👇👇 LOL
Do You Have Your Priorities Straight ?
You no option 💘💯
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Fish And Chips...
Yes Or No ?
Hell yea!!! All Day everyday!!!! but im not sure about that fish and chips looks abit weird plus the chips were way too skinny 🤣
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How many true friends do you have in your "real" life?
Do you have any half singlings?
Have You Been Naughty Or Nice ? 🤣
Want To Sit Down ?
sure but r you gonna make me some cup of tea or what ? 🤣😂🤣
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How Long Has It Been ? ❤
capture is happening 😉👅💦💦
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Do You Show Off ?
Do You Like Showing Off ?
ohh it real alright 🤣😂
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Are You Dead Or Alive ?
I'm rock hard 😉👅💦💦
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How Did It Happen ? 🤣🤣
yes ma yes 🤣😂
long time ago😭
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Ladies, What Do You Say ?😂😂
Just walk with thongs and no bra at all.
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What is the naughtiest act you ever did ??
a lot
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Do you say "Hot coco" or "Hot chocolate"?
chocolate 💯💦
Who needs a hug? 😃 I know I do🤗
Well i kinda am
Craving turkey dinosaurs now🤷🏼‍♀️
I'm craving pigs right now 😂
T Capsey ♏🦂
Pacific Islander 🌴
Suzzette 💘 au Tangira
Asked and I'll Answer 👌😉Churr