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I’m not much of a status person, but I just wanted to remind you about the opportunity Christmas has to make people happy... I have chats with people on my commute every day and it’s just small talk but sometimes we need to realise the importance small talk can have on peoples happiness. So I gave one of them a lovely Christmas card this morning and it really made her day - close to happy tears :3 We didn’t know each other’s names till then but now we are closer thanks to a lovely moment like that! I’m not a religious person by any means, but I am morally motivated person and I encourage you this festive period to go out there and perform a random act of kindness for someone you may not be close to but appreciate nonetheless. It made me feel more festive than any decoration, song or present so far...
Why some girls say they are ugly while they are good looking ? How come !?
They get too much shit for being pretty that they either become insecure from it, or anxiety about telling people how it really is with their looks.
I want to go to Vegas and get a lap dance from her but my bank account won’t let me:( 🖤 What’s something you want to do but can’t afford?
Buy a house in cash, and tell them they can keep the briefcase its in like a bawss! 😎
Casually snacking and I look at the packet, damn thing says the filling is nut cream. Nut cream.
Like they couldn’t think of a different way to put it??
They do this shit on purpose or what?
Girl likes her some nut cream 😳
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do you really care whether this app works or not?
Yes I care :o I want this place to be awesome :/
When Kiwi crashed earlier it took my whole account with it! I would really like you to follow me back.
No problem. Followed back :3
Ever been put in the friendzone?👭
Quick Joke: How do you get a pretty girl to be your friend? ask them out 😅
How does your Kiwi name reflects your personality (or you as a person) ??
My glasses make me look like a panda :o
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Do you attract what you expect ??
Doubtful... as there is a severe lack of cute asian women at my door wanting to hang out with me :o
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Is it okay to date your bestfriends ex?👫
(Not asking for me just a random Q)
I try to avoid that :o Though it was tricky once when I had a biiig crush on my mates sister :/ Either way I avoid!
Young people, help an old woman out. What does it mean when you say you “got with someone”?
Are you serious? :P MAAAAATTTTEEE it's shaggin! 😂
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whats a big turn off for you? for me it would be body odor 😂 and personality is important too.. if he has a shitty personality its not happening
when was the last time you had a nightmare? what was it about?
I got fired the day I took out a mortgage :o
What's your fondest memory of Elementary school?
Taking the piss out of our teachers :p we were quite creative tbh... we had two maths teachers, Mr Dyer and Mr Reah. Whenever they were both in the room we would act like someone shit themselves (i.e PWHAARRR SIR, IT FUCKIN STINKS IN HERE!). Took them a few weeks to figure us out haha
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When was your last breakdown?

Mine was literally 10 minutes ago, what a fun feeling ☺️☺️☺️
Earlier this year :/ Slide in the DMs if you wanna talk :(
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Follow up Question:
Why do you try so hard to not get attached ??
You don't get hurt as much when it falls apart :/
How many times have you been in love?❤️✌🏼
Either 0 or 3... I'm not sure what 'love' is tbh :o
If you were stranded with your best friend on an island and they died would you eat their body to survive? 🤔
....I'm good 😟
ever had an ex try to get you back? mine literally just got my number some how and he's begging for me to take him back then he threatened to kill my dog if I denied him... i blocked his number but still wtf 😧
I haven't had many so its easy for me to say yes to all of them :3 Luckily they haven't been THAT bad :o
For me it was The Exorcist....
Event Horizon I think it was called :o
Pandy 🍪
Don't waste your time if you're a catfish...