Ask nicely
Which door will you open?
If u have a children What future do you want for your children?
Hopefully a bright future without war and depression
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What a beautiful moment in your life
How do you feel about an old friend who did not happen to you for three years because of a certain disagreement and who became a neighbor to you and a colleague in the work How do you deal with him
I’d try to be friendly, test the waters. No one says you have to be friends with them again, but to avoid unneeded tension in the workspace be friendly.
Can you know the nature of the person sitting before you from the first time through his words or his views
Do you mean body language? Then yes. Usually if a guy’s head in down, avoiding eye contact, and physical contact (moving away from a hand on a chair on table) he’s either very uninterested, or he’s just shy. A confident guy has open body language, seems relaxed, and talks with confidence.
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How to attract people to you Is it a way of dealing with thought and openness
I’d say both, I’ve never really been good at either though. I can be friendly and closed off which does not work so I don’t recommend it. Just try to show genuine interest and give eye contact
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Which website do you get your questions from?
I make them up, taking someone else’s would be cheating
Can i ask u how the man can win girl heart
I don’t think men should “win” girl’s hearts. Instead you should think how can I be my best self with this girl? Be vulnerable, relate, and emphasize. Yes it can be scary, but it can also be very rewarding. Don’t treat her like a prize, treat her like a treasure.
What if I said I was 18?
Single and age?
Single and too young for you✌🏻
What r u doing in u r free time
Trying to do as little as I can, that or video games/ movies
What type of underwear are you wearing at the moment
Can you send me your mobile number
We're you going today
To my bed to sleep :D
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Is it possible to suddenly crush on someone you have known for 3years?
That's fine. You are Cool. Well it was nice to chat with you. Take care :)
Haha thanks you too
Yep.. I saw some and they are interesting. So you won't say your real name?
Again this is an app for asking questions to strangers, I'm not going to give out my personal info to strangers sorry
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Will try to improve my public speaking skill. What kind of questions you ask?
Uh you can check it's free lol
You look so hot babe like me gracia
XD okay then
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