Ask nicely
Are you addicted to Kiwi? Yes I do believe I am!
What’s worse, a dirty window, or one that has been cleaned badly (so there’s smudges and streaks)?
Literally this. It’s worse when there’s 4 of you in a house that use the same alarm -.-

Also adding a little tip, don’t ever EVER use a song you love as your alarm. I’ve made that mistake before
No it's great! Love it
Who is your biggest mentor?😀
Do you know what this show is called?
Would you caption this please?
Ladies....did you have an epidural? I didn’t and was always afraid to. I did have pain medicine though. My coworker didn’t have anything.
Why the colour white is divine ?
Why the colour of milk is white ?
Because it is made from clouds
What's going on today? Lil uzi vert not sure i guess😂
Where are you from? What’s unique about it?
Ny. There are trees
Is it true: Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings??
Please pray for my dog! She hasn’t been out today and came in fine last night. Sometimes she won’t go out until later in the day. . She’s eating and drinking fine, but won’t walk on her back legs. She isn’t acting like she’s in pain and scoots.
Do you like hugs 🤗🤷‍♀️
No they're disgusting
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What's the primary need of a lady from her partner?
A) Love
B) Respect
C) Money
D) Sex
do you think certain Halloween costumes should be off limits?
Agreed with the photo!
I can't be with out you Kiwi all I get is wild thots 😙
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