Ask nicely
What would you rate yourself 1-10?
What's something that got old really fast?
My life
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Just because I only have one picture on my profile doesn't mean I'm fake. It's called I'm not uploading my pics so y'all pervs can have my damn photos at your disposal. 👌🏻🙅🏻🙄
Sex on a plane or sex on a beach? What are the pros and cons to both? Which is the better one?
No one wants a sandy vagina. Just throwing that out there. Unless you're into fucking sandpaper.
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I just want to feel better 😭 I'm so tired of feeling like 💩
Why u living alone..? Dont u have bf..?
Who said I was living alone?
Whatever you want it to be? 😂
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These lights always look so cool when it snows or rains! The lasers makes it look like it's raining green and red.
Can you show the socks you have on rn? :)
Pick a number 1-10, if you guess which one I'm thinking about you get a shout-out, you only get one guess
My boyfriend has work 19 hour shifts four days in a row ( two people quit in the pass five days) . It's starting to take a toll on his body. hes still to work 19 hour shift for four more days. How can i get him to take it easy and that he needs sleep?
Idk? Just sleep when you can and when you can't drink lots of caffeine to stay awake.
If it wasn't for feeling like shit all day tomorrow, I'd actually stay up all night. And I need all the "beauty" sleep I can get 😂😩
What are you doing right now?
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Figure pic
Fuck Plenty of Fish lol it's all bots now, did you ever go out with someone if you have used a dating app?
Lol yeah I did years ago. Met some cool people but a lot of them would just stand me up. So I just said fuck it and deleted my account lol
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You look so cool now..
Chica mico chica novia tu pricesas pareja yes te amo tu corazon te deseo mujer mia novia yo corazon pareja chico soltero alma pricesas
I don't speak Spanish so I don't know what you said.
Caitlin Smith
Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world......but really though. I'm strange and unique, just the way I like it. 💕