Ask nicely
if you blocked me, what would the reasons be ?! 🌚💭
Cause you’re a pineapple🌚
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Do you memorize people's faces or names more ?! 🌚💭
Reply for opinion/paragraph in dm if i know you well 🙂
How many langos can you speak? I can speak english and welsh 😇
Reply for a line or a paragraph through dm 🌚💭
If I left kiwi, would you remember me ?! 🌚🍍
I want a sausage roll 😂
Reply for a rate or stn 😴
Kill me or heal me 😴
Do you like snow ?
Winter sucks where I live 😂 We get like 1cm of snow at most hahaha How snowy does it get where you live?
It's been a while - reply for a compliment 🌝
Type "I hate people because" then tap the middle of your predictive keyboard to know your reason 😂

I hate people because they didn't know how many hours in your life you can make sense.
I hate people because they are so stupid and they just annoy me a lot... HAHAHAH
What's the best thing about your country?
would you rather smoke weed or drink alcohol?
Eat ice cream
Ah, last night before we went out, I look super tiny 😂 I’m actually not though, 178cm tall 💪🏻 How tall are you? Centimetres please
Which dance do you like most?

Dutch lesson#3: Welke dans vindt je het leukst?
Answer with a random fact about yourself then tag someone to do it too 🌝🎲
I got on the wrong bus today :) @XNOODLEX
Mønkey's Questiønsss💥
Active ish • weekly questions🤷🏻‍♀️