Ask nicely
What brand was you first mobile?
Samsung 📱
Your birthday month?💥 mine: January😉
August 🎉🎁
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Raise your hand if love traveling at night?
Best dentist ever 😂😂😂.

Who wants to visit ?
How was your childhood looks like if you remind it now? 😊
Full of happiness :-) 😊
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If you could change your name to a new one; what would it be and why?
i already changed my name 😂
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Hello all 👋👋 How are you? 😊
I'm fine... wbu 😊
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Do you test your gut feeling ??
Yes! it's yummy 😂😆
..does your finger, hands, arms ever get tired of handling phone..?? 😁😂
Good morning you sexy mofos and happy 😃 Friday to all!!!
Good morning :-)
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Goodnight beautiful friends 💐☺️😊have a wonderful and sweet dreams😴😴magandang gabi 😴😴
Good night 😊
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❤🌴 Before the day ends, I juz wanna say #THANKYOU for the 🎊🎉 birthday wishes! 😊 Thank you for the wishes in the posts, the tags, the comments, the DMs, the anons...actually made my day extra special! 💐🌹Love y'all, KiwiFriends and again, THNX! 😘😘🌹
Welcome 😊❤
once again Happy Birthday 🎊🎉
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Do you feel like you are surrounded by good people or do you feel like you are alone??
Surrounded by good people :-) ❤
What do you consider to be your best find ?! 🌚🍍
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What do you think about this ?
That's true! 👆
What routines do you find most frustrating ?! 🌚🍍
waking up early 😂😫

Are you good at saving money ?! 🌚🍍
Yes i am 😄
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Do you feel sometimes that you can't control yourself and your feelings ?! 🌚🍍
Yeah! 😶
..9 minutes more to go... 😁😂
🎊🎉I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true.. Happy
Birthday beautiful
@Luna12820 💜🎊🎉🎊🍰😊
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Roses are Red...
Violets are blue...
Do u know that the English vowels are
"A E I O U"? 😂😂
haha 😂i know 😆
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💙✨Follow me if you want to follow me✨💙😂
💜✨Life just gives you time and space; it's up to you to fill it✨💜✌😊