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Which part of being in love worries you?
Love should not frighten us at all, but those who are insecure and not got a high enough opinion of themself tend to worry a lot that the other person will hurt them or dump them. This is fine up to a point but when it changes their behaviour where they nag the other person to say they love them or to move in or to marry them it becomes the equivalent of shooting themselves in the foot. The more their words and actions say I NEED YOU I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT YOU the more you are asking the other person to abuse you, hurt you, let you down or spit on you. You are telling them that your need for them is so great they can treat you any way they want, and you are nothing special.

If you are nothing special and all of your words and actions back this up they will believe it too and treat you accordingly.

at there are a lot of people who are hurting. can help you too.

For those who are into love in a big way choose or for anyone who wants to know about relationship stuff!

Do remember that I am very busy, I get staff to post here for me, I am hardly going to cancel appointments with clients to do it, so I do not read replies here, and if you contact my site/office it will be my staff who reply.
Would you prefer to go on holiday in a warm climate or hot climate?
I prefer a cold climate.

By the way. Have you ever seen one of your favourite celebrities up close?
I saw one of my favourite celebrities in the street a few days ago. I was coming out of the theatre, she been the main star - she came out of the stage door and walked past us brushing against us. But she had also been one of my regular clients for a long time.

a well known psychic medium and I help a lot of people including celebrity clients. This star had always spoken to me on the phone, so it would have been inappropriate to stop her in the street and tell her who I am. Inappropriate and tactless.

You can see at my website at
that I have helped a lot of people with psychic insight, wisdom, advice, knowledge, support, a shoulder to cry on or a solution.

You can see at that many people are eager to consult me, so I do not need to trawl forums and go on facebook etc asking people to consult me, in fact I have to hire office staff to sort out the bookings and get helpers to put these answers on here.

You can see at that most who consult me do so because they want help with their love life. They want something to reach out for that gives them affection and emotional security. is offering similar info.

For those who are into astrology as well as psychic matters go to Do remember that I am unable to read posts and comments here, so if you reply I will not be able to read it.
Likewise if you contact us through the website the email goes to the office first, and they only pass it on to me if there is an order for a consultation.I am
Would you answer your mother back if she was verbally abusive to you?
It would not be wise for me to talk about my own private and family life here amongst so many people, I am not in the same situation as you, I am not anonymous, people know me. I am often on the television and radio.
But I can tell you, and you can find back up information to this on my site at that many youngsters are drawn into confrontations with their parents and are unsure of how to handle it. Many of them are olderl than their years, they should be respected more, yet because of their age and because they still live with their parents their parents sometimes talk down to them and talk to them like they are nothing.

One of my recent clients - a lovely lady who is now a full grown adult living on her own, totally independent financially, still gets her mother talking to her as if she is dirt, trying to be bossy, demanding, critical in ways she would not dare do to people otherwise. At you have the chance to reach out to others who are being abused, unloved, sad, by going on the prayer page and posting what your issue is. Then allowing others to write to you about what they feel for you, simply supporting you can take a huge weight off of your shoulders.

The client was pleased when I explained to her that she would not be "OUT OF ORDER" if she stood up for herself and snapped back at her mother. Because her mother is out of order in the first place, and relying on her daughter to have better manners and more respect than she has. is a place where you can go to the free colour reading page and think of any question, then choose whiich colour you feel drawn to and find your answer.
Would you date someone who has been in prison?
My godfather was the assistant director of public prosecutions, a high court Judge. I have never broken the law and would never date anyone who did, they would try to drag me down to their very low level. I can understand why people who break the law are happy to date others who are similar, but we would be oil and water. I would be talking about and thinking about a totally different lifestyle.

You can see at the website at that a lot of people have problems and many of them consult us for advice. However, in some cases it is their own fault that the have problems! If you are wanting to avoid police and problems why would you date someone who has been in prison? They may well do something which leads to them being in prison again. Even if they tell you they are innocent how do you know this is true?

When you speak to people who break the law they have a different attitude to people who are law abiding and work hard.

You can see at that many people get confused and worried and then do not know who to turn to.
Rosemary Price is an excellent life coach for those who want to prevent getting problems later, but many come to us after the event.

Most of the problems that come our way where they want to speak to Rosemary Price the famous psychic are about love. Many of them think they are in love, but they are supposedly in love with someone who has let them down or is less keen than them. Some of them even ask Rosemary to put a spell on them to force them to be with them. can tell you about different ways we can get to that place called happiness. You can think about your future all day every day but thinking about it the right way for just ten minutes is more helpful.

Avoiding potential partners who will drag you down is one way to avoid sadness. is a place to find people who are trustworthy and who are also hurting. Many of them come from different countries all over the world, their ages, background and family origins vary a lot, but they all seek happiness and peace of mind.

Can we find peace? We can if we relax and if we make the right choices, but few do.
Why are we quick to trust strangers?
Sometimes we trust strangers quickly because we are naive, unworldly, not experienced enough in dealing with nasty or selfish people. Sometimes we do it because we are decent people ourselves and like to believe that everyone else is as decent as us. Sometimes it is out of desperation because if we cannot hold onto the fantasy that the person we are dealing with will treat us right and not lie to us there is nothing left, then we ignore all signs they are rubbish.

At you will find that many of the people who post on our forum are women, and they are often very unhappy about some sort of love affair. There are also men who have been hurt by these things and let down by a woman.
At you can see that Rosemary Price is a well established and caring professional psychic and medium who has been tested and tested and proved all the tests. She now specialises in love and relationships and has a great deal of experience of helping people with these woes.
At there are times where we wonder why the people who write to consult Rosemary Price are still with the person they are unhappy with. If they are not living together and not happy with the person you would think it would be easy to just end an unhappy situation. But they cling on for dear life to something which is rotten and which will never be worth having.
At you can tell that many people flounder in their relationships and need a guiding hand.
Why do people think their horrible partner will change into a nice one?
If you want to be unkind you could say because they are stupid. There are millions of people on this planet and hundreds if not thousands living near enough to date so why make do with one who is unsuitable and does not make us happy? Would you buy a dress and then dye it a different colour and cut off the sleeves and change the pockets so that it looks like a totally different dress or would you just avoid the dress you do not like in the first place? WHY buy a red dress and then change it to blue and make it shorter and cut the sleeves off when you can buy a dress which is more to your liking straight away?

And when it comes to people who are we to tell them to be different? If we do not like the way they are find someone else or stay single.

Very often women fall into this silly trap of making do with someone and then wanting to change them. They write to us saying that the man will not marry them or move in with them and how can they get him to change. Why should he? He is entitled to prefer to live alone or be unmarried.
Why don't they change instead? It would make more sense for them to see things differently and change themselves. is a place where you can find out a great deal about what makes people tick, but much of this stuff we are talking about here is down to good old common sense. is a safe place to find happiness. Surely it is better to avoid problems rather than run to us when thngs go wrong? This is why some people consult a life coach or a relationship expert, very often when things are going well, to make sure that they do not sour later. is a good place to find out about yourself, and the best part here is that you can visit the psychic colour reading page and get an instanta free no sign up reading for free. Just ask any question you want to know about. is a place where people turn to when things go wrong but maybe it would be better for them to come along and do the right things so that things did not go wrong?
How often do we cry over things that have gone wrong which could have been prevented? Too many!
Some would say we learn by our mistakes but why make mistakes if we can avoid them?
I have seen so many people make pointless mistakes that sour their lives and their future, which could have been prevented if they had psychic insight to how things would turn out if they carried on with things the way the were. can tell you a lot.
Maybe you ought to find out all about your past life and why you were reincarnated, your karma, so that you can make sense of what happened the last time around and how it is affecting you now? Go to
How do you cope with special holidays on your own?
Some of the clients who come to us for help are desperate to be loved, they hate the holidays on their own. You can see at that relationships can cause more happiness, sadness or worry than anything else, and it is especially prominent at christmas time.
You can also see at that there are times when a prayer helps those people. Some of them post about their heartbreak there and get the others who use the site to pray for them.
WELL this guy was in a "scandal" of sorts because he had seduced a woman and then she complained to the newspapers when after one night of sex he did not stay in touch - why would he??!!

Everyone knows there are a fair few guys who are only after fun/sex, and some of them are quite selfish about it and would lie to get it. What is new? Surely you have to be cautious and use your sense. If you get drunk or trust someone too quickly it will lead to tears. shows you how many people come to us for advice and psychic insight into relationship difficulties. Many of them and most are women, usually aged between about 25 - 40. Many of them have chosen a guy they know is rubbish yet stayed with him in the hope he will become nice or if they nag him enough he will change.

Some of them are far too clingy and needy and would never be able to make a relationship work. at there are a lot of options for ways professionals can help you, but very often clients do not want to hear the truth, they shoot the messenger, they would rather tell the famous psychic she is wrong than accept that her boyfriend really has cheated many times - many times that she already knew about - and will not stop - and does not really care about her. The reason she consulted the famous psychic in the first place was because deep down she knew this. But now she pretends that he is innocent and the psychic must be wrong. It is as if they think that if they go to a psychic about their cheating boyfriend it wipes the slate clean and the things he did no longer happened. is a safe place to chat to others who have had relationship concerns without needing to pay or sign up.
How do you cope alone at Christmas?
It is not easy, especially when you see so many happy couples and family groups together and see it on the television as well. But it is better to stay single and wait to meet the right person than make do with Mr bash you up, Mr I cheat on you, Mr I want your money, Mr I am so so boring, Mr bad hygiene or one of the others you would not normally consider!

At our site at you can even post a FREE prayer
request and get others to pray for you for whatever you want for yourself. Why not do that? It only takes a moment and costs nothing.

You can also find that a new year is a new start to a better life, which can be more exciting than making do with an existing relationship which is not really working. Far better to start with a clean slate and pick and choose than be with someone you do not really want.

At you can see that there are a lot of people who are in relationships and very unhappy, which is worse than being single.
Why do women expect a man to be the answer to all of their problems?
A lot of the women who come to us wanting psychic insight about their love life expect their man to be the answer to All of theirproblems. He is supposed to be handsome, healthy, fit, kind, honest, loyal, exciting, sexy, hard working and earning a lot, all wrapped into one person. Fine if you are also all of those things but most of the women who come crying to someone when it all goes wrong were expecting the guy to overlook that she is far too old, boring, nothing to look at or not got a dime to her name and wanting his money. Then they wonder why it all goes wrong!

We tend to get what we deseve when it comes to the love stakes. The more YOU have to offer the better the partner. If you are unemployed and got nothing to offer then the best will not be interested. So if you are single instead of dreaming for Mr Perfect to come along and rescue you from poverty get a good job, study and learn something first if you have to.

On the website at you will see that we get a lot of unhappy and sad people , usually women, wanting to consult us, wanting a solution to their problem, but the problem only exists because they expected too much out of life.

You will see at there are a lot of people out there looking, it is a buyers market in a way. The more desirable the person is the more choice they get, so if you are finding it hard to get someone it is better to aim low.

The other day we had a client who was unemployed and unemployable, had a lot of issues, a lot of baggage,
no personality, no looks and middle aged. Yet he expected to find a woman who was about twenty, busty, gorgeous with a good job. It will never happen. The closest he will get to it is one of the online scammers pretending to offer it to him so they can scam him.

Why would a rich, handsome very popular man make do with a poor ordinary woman who is twice his age if she herself does not want to make do with someone like her?
Would you want to make do with that if you had so much to offer - NO. So look at it from the other person's point of view.

We had a client who was quite nice but ordinary with no job. She went online and thought she was being chatted up with a very handsome, young, single guy who said he was a popular country and western singer with a big record contract - but he needed to "BORROW" some money. Right, like a wealthy person with a good job needs to borrow money !??? And a rich person would want a woman he has not even met and has so little to offer.

In truth he was probably a sixteen year old Nigerian and had about 100 other profiles up pretending to be other great people.

Be realistic and be fair and things are more likely to work out.
Why do women expect a man to be the answer to all of their problems?
A lot of the women who come to us wanting consultations from an accurant psychic medium and tarot card reader want the man they are looking for or going out with or married to to be the answer to ALL of their problems!
Why do women fall for hard luck stories and claims men make of loving them?
Yes I know the answer. I know it because many of them come to me for advice and psychic insight when it goes wrong.

Women dream of finding a man who has as lot of money coming in, is handsome, is loyal and faithful and romantic, is kind, is gentle, is all the things that women dream of.

But they never look at it from the point of view of the man.

A gorgeous, handsome rich man is usually too busy and too fussy to go online chatting women up. And if he did he would be extremely cautious about gold diggers and freeloaders. He can find women who are unemployed or earning didly squat easily and he doesnt not want them.
But if he PRETENDS to be rich and handsome and loyal he can snare a woman who is hoping that he will be the answer to all of her problems and prayers. He can then tell her he loves her and ask her for money to help him out. He will pretend to be what she thinks she needs and pretend to be a great provider and lover. She will fall for it because it is her fantasy - even if she is three times his age and very fat and ugly with no chance whatsoever.

A look at our website at will show you that many of our clients are unhappy women. If only they had been more realistic and catious they could have avoided whatever is upsetting them.
Why are there so many naive people online?
Many of them think they know it all and gve opinions on things they have never succeeded in or based on no knowledge whatsoever? Just this morniing someone tried to chat to me online about something and got all of their facts wrong, sounded so daft. You can see at that we are experts on psychic matters, mediumship, tarot readings and all things mystical, we are also experts on relationships and life coaching - having passed a lot of tests and examinations on these subjects. Yet there are many who have never studied it, developed it or found out about it who think they know better. Very often the more they say the sillier they sound.

Sadly we are too busy to read replies to this post or to our profile, we visit the site to post now and then when we have a spare moment. But most of our time is given to our many regular clients who understand we know our subject well.
Why do so many naive women fall for the scams con men put online?
Most of these con men claim to be widowed, divorced or single with at least one young child or a dog or cat and go on and on about how much honesty and love mean to them.
Why do so many naive women fall for the scams con men put online?
Many of my clients come to me in tears because they started chatting to a guy online and it turned out he was a liar/a con man, just after their money.

If a man says he is single / a doctor / surgeon / in the army or some other well paid job that keeps him busy, incredibly good looking, widowed, divorced or single, ticking all the boxes watch out. Be realistic.

If he asks you for money because he needs help run.

Too many of these people on here now. I even get them emailing me privately thinking I will be dumb enough to believe their lies and send them money.

As if a famous psychic would not see through them!

Go to for more about advice on love and relationships and how to avoid problems.

There are so many problems that women get into and then cry about when they could have been avoided in the first place.
why do people say I love u but don't mean it? it's seems to me. it's just a word for most people.
In some cases they feel they need to say it, because the other person says it and then expects to hear it back. And very clingy, needy women often tell their man that they love him purely because he is then supposed to say it back. And he does so only to avoid an argument when she moans if he does not. If you push people to say it then it is worthless. Look at the prayer page at and you will see what I mean. Loads of women have wasted time on a man who did not deserve it or even want it.
Is there a love worth losing yourself for?
No but many do. Much of my work as a psychic reader and relationship expert is advising people who have thrown everything into a relationship which was not worth pursuing. They convince themselves that they can get the guy to change his mind, or to leave his wife. There is always some big obstacle, some big problem, some big thing which he is happy with but she is not. At my website at you can see a good few examples of such people. They pray and ask others to advise them but the truth is that they should just stay away from the guy and see he is bad news.
i always like girls who are way older than me. i’m 19 and the girl i like is 25 is that a big difference?
At 25 she is a woman not a girl. If she has a good job, nice home etc she is not going to want to date someone who does not have their own place or an income at least as good as hers.She is looking for a real man, one who can take her to nice places, a grown up, someone who can pay his way and show her a good time. She will not go without to please someone much younger or slum it. This is why most younger guys cannot get a date or a relationship with an older female. If you are going to ask her to pay half when you go out or go to cheap places why would she agree? She will get one guy with a great car and nice house and good job and turn down the guywho is at college and struggling. Maybe you should get a good job and save up and make something of yourself and then try again in ten years. You can see at my website at that a lot of guys get great dreams and fantasies about what they want out of a woman or a relationship or sex and very rarely achieve it.
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Would you stay with your partner if they got sent to prison? If yes, how long would you be willing to wait for them?
No. Nor would I be dating or living with a guy who broke the law, got into trouble with the police or generally lived in the slime ball area of life. If I do not break the law and get in trouble then he should be the same. But you often find that people who have low standards and make do with such characters are the sort who are the same. They would not be able to get a law abiding decent person because they are not like that themselves. You can see on my website at that there are a lot of people out there who end up in crap relationships, due to bad judgmenta, low standards or not trying hard to make the relationship work.
Why does your relationships normally end?
Sadly I get a lot of people who come to me for relationship advice who have a habit of having relationships end. They then either convince themselves it is just life, bad luck, a curse or some other thing beyond their control or they tell themselves the truth and admit that they have made errors and need to change.
It is very rare that relationships come to an end simply due to bad luck - not when it is over and over again! You often get a situation where a woman is nagging the man to say he loves her, nagging for an engagement ring or marriage or moving in together, she becomes demanding and suffocating, needy and selfish, very immature and bossy, then it ends. She sees it as how he was difficult and would not do as he was told, he sees it as how he had a narrow escape from a control
freak.In reality she was so lacking in self esteem she desperately needed to feel that she owned him to feel it would last forever. Not thinking any of it through rationally nor looking at how bad things would be later if he agred to it. YOu can see at my website at that a vast majority of relationships that go wrong do so because one was not listening to the other or they were ignoring how they felt. Someone who makes a habit of doing this will lose partner after partner and end up all alone.
Rosemary Price Psychic Medium
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