Ask nicely
Lol do you guys know the back story of a Best Man at a wedding?
That fall is absolutely amazing and has already made my day!😂👍
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Can you marry someone from another country?➰❤️
If the love is real and pure, sure. It’s not about where they are from or what religion they believe in, it’s if you two care about each other and feel as though you were meant to be👍
do you like helping others?➰
Of course, I help out whenever possible, most people I see living on the street, I try to give them at least a £5 each, I know it’s not much but it stacks up after a few times👍
Why are the little dividers between urinals so small?
Probably cause they think most guys who go their have a small dick?👍
How to spend Christmas if your single.
One positive of being single is one less present to buy or if you guys were serious, a few less presents to buy as surely you would have got the family something too👍
On DC Legends of tomorrow they have this character (Sara Lance) she's badass & HAWT! & She's surpose to be gay they've never given her a love interest.they may soon,does hollywood just throw gay around to be "progressive" But never explore them fully?
That’s her out of Arrow, she died in like season 3 though... & funnily enough she was gay in The Arrow as well
Has a fear of being cheated on ever stopped you from getting into a relationship?
Nope, I don’t expect anybody to cheat, if they do then I’ll just wash my hands with them and move on... got no time for cheaters!
Mannnn it's hard being a 4/10 😂
Life hack - replace the 4 with a 10👍
Everyone has a Hero ..who's your hero ? Martin Luther King Jr is one of mine.
The Avengers, we wouldn’t be here today without those brave souls...
Wish i could 1v1 hot girls on rust for whether or not i can get their attention
Me too brother, but I’d probably still get beat👍😂 Interventions only, none of the Barret 50 cal sprays
What's your "I don't trust people who ______?"
Do you think that there may true alien life in the sea or earth ?
I think it’s stupid, so you guys are telling me out of the billions of universes and planets out their (not just in our solar system) were the only planet with a source of life on it?
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Do you give up easily, or do you keep trying until you get what you want?
Depends on how important it is to me and if I believe it is worth going for...
What is the dumbest way you have ever got tripped over a shoelace and broke my hand on the fall
Playing football in the dark and fell over the ball, landed on a pile of bricks in the corner of my mates garden and snapped both bones in my left arm👌
You can have one of the following things: Trust or Love. Which would you pick?
What do you do when you get stared at?
Smile and probably turn around as it makes me feel weird😂
What's your idea of a perfect date?
Having the perfect partner their, I’m not bothered what we do, as long as that person is their, it’d be perfect to me👍
Have you gone to a festival before?
how do you feel about open relationships?
I would not have one but I’m not against anybody else having one, if that’s what makes them happy, who am I to judge?👍
Given a million dollars right now and forced to spend it within 24 hrs, what you gonna blow it on?
Nice house, cars, holiday and probably invest in some properties so I can keep earning after spending the money and probably give the rest to family and charity as I’d like to make a positive difference in this world👍
Owen Whittaker
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