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Ask nicely
Who wants to make me some hot chocolate? πŸŒšπŸ’œ
here my friend.
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Do you ever have these weird dark thoughts out of nowhere and ur just like, dafuqs wrong with me? 😹
Your just experiencing an energy surge, nothing to worry about.
Have you ever wanted to message me ? But didn't cause you were scared ? πŸ€”πŸ€” lol 🌚
They say reading takes you anywhere. Have you "traveled the world and beyond" ???
missing you this much__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
It was only just yesterday I saw your face. Yet I miss your beautiful smile, and your adorable dimples; Your merry eyes dancing a lot. I only wish to hold your hand, to see you would be so grand. I only have a short time, so come back to me baby, I miss you so much.
I loved this.
Oh this is funny...
Can you change a tire?
My brother is in his room crying. He found out that he can't visit his girlfriend. ( her family moved to a new state) for Christmas and New Year's. His vacation didn't get aprroved. He hasn't seen her in three months. How can i stop him from crying?
first my apologies for getting back on this so late so how do you stop from crying well if not the end of the world if it was me and I love this person so much I would ask for a leave of absence you know for a week and say that it's a personal matter that you can't live with it if you can deal with it right at this moment so I would request a leave of absence and then if that doesn't work then you know how great love is love makes us do things that is unbelievable because of that feeling and so yes I would do those things and also though I mean it sounds to me that these people are adult I mean couldn't his girlfriend not stay behind with him or you know he should not be crying it man age so but like I said love makes us do things that are unbearable so but that's what I would do. I've been in love ones and I know the feeling
Be the energy u want to that makes me an intelligent, curious, adventurous exploring mess that is stubborn about her goals but flexible with her methodsπŸ˜‚ what's the energy u want to attract..
Kiwi HAS opened my eyes I've learnt a few lessons, such as
1. Nothing is wot it appears to be,
2. Selfie requests eventually leads to send bobs & vegene pics.
Have u learned anything, try not to sound whingey?

Want sum fuk? 🐦
I was thinking to delete πŸ˜• but i know I'll regret after doing it😁 so I'll just keep my account and leave here for a days i think. ...😊 see yah...πŸ‘‹
Are You Into Quality Or Quantity ?
I must say Quality.
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What is the longest you've gone without physically speaking to another person?
I don't participate in this kind of activity.
Okay for real this time gn lol luv ya fuckers 😘
Anyone got messenger? You can hit me up on that if you want 😊
Who would it be?
Time to get to know more of each other ! 😊 Give me a number and I'll give you a number ✌ #GiveAndTake #Stolen πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ LOL