Ask nicely
Do you believe in the death penality like all the good people do ? If not why ?
I don't trust the Government with that kind of authority. Especially in light of how many wrongfully imprisoned the Innocence Project exonerated. Also unbeknownst to most, the majority of convictions are brokered through plea deals which are so easily coerced.

Secondly, executions are very expensive. They're not "easier on the taxpayer" because they kill rather than imprison someone for life, common misconception.
I'd go with A
Same. B just sounds like a bidet.
Net Neutrality's fate will be decided today. Where do you stand on the issue?
A-Shit Pie should be hanged
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Who likes kabobs? What kinda kabobs? Kabobs, such a funny word 😂
Prefer gyros
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Favorite song right now?🎼🎼🎤🎹🎤🎸🎻🎺🎷
"I get Overwhelmed" by Dark Rooms
Have you ever had anything stolen from you?
Mostly just stuff from Amazon that they left at my door. I plan on installing a surveillance system to catch whoever did it. A couple years some POS also broke into my car and took my GPS, been using my phone to navigate ever since.
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Math help plz. Can someone explain part b? I don't understand where 6!/(3!2!) is coming from.
Casually snacking and I look at the packet, damn thing says the filling is nut cream. Nut cream.
Like they couldn’t think of a different way to put it??
They do this shit on purpose or what?
might pair well with:
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Happy First (full) day of Hanukkah. Here's the opening to the musical, Falsettos. What do you like about Jews? Or even hate?
I'm so glad I hit play while at work with my volume on high...

I like that most Jews are secular and don't follow kosher laws as faithfully as certain orthodox sects do, that form of thinking is medieval.

I don't care for Zionists, in fact they should be gassed.
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It's Hanukkah. How many Jews are you putting in your oven?
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You ever dream about anyone from here? Or lots of people?
If you have, what happened in your dream?

Happened to me last night, weirdest thing ever 😩
Did we...? In it?

I remember when
@p00pies told me about some Vietnamese breakfast thing that she ate I had a dream about it that same night. For some reason they kept it in their kitchen drawers already made lol
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What would you say is bigger? The size of your tits/dick or your bank account?
It's a three-way tie
Fernando will be gone by the end of the year
Legit don’t know what to do with my time now 😩
Shall I watch a movie or start a new series?
Help me pleeeeaaaaasssseeeee
People in Africa don't know how hard we have it. I spent all weekend in bed contemplating this and I ended up watching a couple unsatisfactory movies (Ghost Story and It Comes at Night), they weren't scary at all!

You as stoked as I am for Last Jedi? Comes out this weekend.
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Who would it be?
What would a world without religion look like ?
We'd probably have solved every global catastrophe by now
What would a world without fear look like ?
Fear is a natural survival instinct. So naturally you'd have a lot less survivors.
Itchy balls are so annoying... Can you get an itchy pussy?
Can confirm
I have such a stiff cock

Do you know if they do yoga classes for poultry?
Chop it off, problem solved.
Anyone with Netflix try that code thing ? Where type in a code and you’re supposed to get a secret menu ?
I've heard of people changing the country on it to get a different variety of shows and movies available to them.