Ask nicely
Camping in Dublin with @JessiLiz_ is going to be great😂❤️
Cannot wait❤️❤️
Do you think teenagers nowadays have more stress and competition than before?
Girls, tag a boy who you'd stop from pulling out x
If Archie and Betty get together on riverdale I don’t 5ink I’ll be able to watch it anymore, what is going on 😭
Hang on, WHAT????? I’m so behind oh my god. But jughead???? Nahhhh what????????
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What do you miss from your childhood?
When the only problem I had was choosing which dolls I would play with:)
Have you ever been in love? Who with?
Yes, with you 😘
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How do you feel today?
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Have you ever been to a circus?
Blackpool circus, yeah😂
If you had a problem, would you come to me with it? Why or why not?
Well, I already do, you’re the first person I go to about anything — good or bad. I do it because I can trust you with my life and I know you would never judge me on what I was going to tell you x
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Do you enjoy talking to me?
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Post a photo of your home screen? (Shoutout to the beautiful @JessiLiz_ ❤️)
Post a photo of your lock screen?
“Everything happens for a reason” they said. “Everything will get easier” they said. “The pain will leave eventually” they said. I’m still yet to find the ‘reason’ and I’m still yet to find the time when things will start to get easier and the time that the pain will leave. It’s almost been 8 months and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about my nan. For those who know me will know that I was extremely close with my nan, I spent every evening with her telling her about my day and just general things, I told her absolutely everything. I used to celebrate my birthday with her every single year from my first birthday to my sixteenth. Today, being my seventh birthday... well it’s been different. I wasn’t mentally prepared for today because I didn’t know how well I would cope. I suppose I’ve coped okay. Things changed so suddenly back in April and I had no time to process it. My life went completely downhill... Still to this day I find myself walking into the shop that I used to buy her flowers from every Monday about to get them and then I’m reminded that she’s no longer with us. That’s when my heart shatters all over again. I like to think she’s watching over me and I really hope she’s proud but I don’t know if that’s the case. The memories will stay forever, I’ll always cherish them and hold them close. I would do anything to have one more chance, to say goodbye, to see that smile again. Forever in my heart, 18/4/17.
My ho ho ho 😘
Oh my god, hahahahaha. All yours gorgeous 😘
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*See’s somebody dressed up as Santa* “he’s making me feel like a ho ho ho” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Don’t take the credit for this, bitch
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What are your plans for New Year? I'll be with @JessiLiz_! ☺️❤️
Will be with you and it will be amazing! ☺️😘
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What's your birthday month?💕
Happy 17th to this ex sesh head, not seen the drunk side to you in a while Missy😉 I’m sorry for the pics, I’m sure you’ll hate me for them😂 I hope you have a good day Jess, filled with love and happiness. Hopefully see you soon💖🎂🎉 @JessiLiz_
Wtf are those pictures😭😂 thank you tho Lev, love you x
Happy birthday to this lil beauty, I hope you have a fab day and night J. Make it one to remember! Ly😚💛 @JessiLiz_
Thank you El! Ly2 x
"Like, mun, no one else is having you. You're my best friend and my best friend only." - Con😊