Ask nicely
Have you ever seen a U.F.O?
If you are indeed referring to an object flying through the air that I could not specifically identify, then yes... if you are referring to some flying saucer, piloted by aliens, then definitely not!
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If you can gess what typ off muisc i listen to when i draw i will be shocked hope u like x x x x x
90's Grunnge
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Damn it I don't remember your name and it just says deleted user now...Why do you keep DMing me from the same name then deleting. For months this Djion person is talking about"She reckons I'm a slut and running her mouth about me."
Anybody else get this?
Oh you ladies of Kiwi always get the best stalkers!
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True or False I once sent an annon to @DirtyDampBack about licking his taint and he assumed it was Carl??πŸ˜†
Not only do I know it's true, but I think I remember when it happened...
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Cool day! Time for a flannel shirt! Anyone else wearing flannel?
All leather, all the time here...
Pop this into Snapchat to unlock Eminem's filter for an hour!
Fuck Eminem! He is just a washed up douche!!
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Lol, I don't mean much to my family, how about you? πŸ˜‚
I am adored by my family, and my extended family of friends! That is what living in a totally positive world ...
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Would you rather people be honest and say they don't like you rather than pretend to be your friend?? πŸ€”
As I say, fuck a damn liar for I have enough true friends!
What will it take to get Abs(insert black moon face and chicken leg emoji) @abbiemartin1 to release her song she wrote a few year ago? She is creating a buzz to gain anticipation... we here are so antsy with anticipation here @kiwinewsnow stay tuned!
No idea who she is or what genre her music might be... perhaps a few more details before I get excited!
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Do you prefer too hot or too cold? πŸ™„
I like a nice healthy medium between the two... spring and fall, versus summer or winter...
Guilty πŸ€£πŸ™„
What's a period? πŸ€”
Which is superior; Tomato sauce or Mayo? 😜
Considering mayo is completely fucking disgusting, my answer is obvious!
I like this quote! Show me one of your favourite quotes? 😘
Stole it! May aswell join in!! Please be nice πŸ™„πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Definitely Green
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Hi all x x x x x
Good Morning to you!
Are you happy with your chossen husband?
Once again you are trying to turn me gay, and I don't know why...
Added stuff what u think x x x d
Kooky, Kool!
Are you prone to accidents??🀣🀣
Only when I am apparently really drunk! Always seem to wake up the next morning with some new injuries...
Wold u go to see my art x x x x πŸ˜ƒ
Of course, but only if you bring it to a show in America...
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Night all x x x x x
Sleep well, sleep tight, and only let the vampires bite!
Sociokotik DV8
Boy, the next words that come out of your mouth better be some brilliant Mark Twain fucking shit, because they are definitely getting etched on your tombstone!