Ask nicely
Cba rn fuck this
here's my advice , go message someone close to you rather than posting it for everyone to see which is quite pointless
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Omgggg stoooppppp!!!!!🤣🤣🤣
How is this funny ???
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Are you a sensitive person?
Should I follow @MLGooF what does he bring to the table
ngl he's savage and funny asf , you just gotta speak Arabic
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Even Naughty Shayeb replies to the God himself.
What is so funny ? 🐝✨ share bitch
Are u crushing on Shayne?
I 100% know this is Shane 😂 nice try dicko
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Who is "him" in your cover ?
What do you find attractive
multiple languages , and dick .... just kidding, about the multiple languages
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Who is Shane?
My dms are dry as fuckk
The first 3 things you see will be yours in 2018, what are they?
butt, dick , money ... WOOOO
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Whos hippie ?
whos goth.?
I don't get it why are ppl finding this funny ?
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Carry on psycho I don't have time for all that idiotic thing, you have no job you please continue n for me you are just emature psycho ignored girl.. continue.....
Sarah struggles ♾
Sixteen ♡♡ Lowri ♡♡ Shane is a bitch (: