Ask nicely
Hahaha does this sort of thing break the “stigma” for you ?
to be fair iv gone down and come back up with my mouth looking like the top of a dirty tomato sauce bottle 😀
What do u think about fake ppl?
Based on my previous question. How long could Jesus have hung on the cross?
is this hypothetical because first you must prove Jesus existed
What are you suppose to say to Jehovah witnesses?
Would you be down to be in a open relationship?
What's one thing you would take back doing if you could?
Not wearing sun block yesterday iv got a blister on my forehead is grim
Anybodyelse horny tonight
I'm burn to a crisp so no
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You have 24 hours to do something that goes viral, or you go to jail for life. What do you do?
If you had to describe me with a single word, what would you pick? I'll return the favor
The condor has landed on the nest
Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?
I'm thinking of trying a Peruvian one
Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?
What do you hope Santa brings you this year?
On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love Christmas? 🎄❄️
Do You like to eat pickles kosher? Do you enjoy condiments?
never had it I'm assuming that is Jewish
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What is something men need to understand?
understanding woman is impossible
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I might've pulled through all my classes with D's oh and I got a B in accounting which is a huge improvement from an F lol
Cornelius Lester Tony Lytollis