Ask nicely
Ever been caught in the act doing something in public thats meant to be private? ....I took a shit down an alleyway today.( public toilets were closed) Didnt realise till after there were CCTV cameras.
ever read something that someone said in public that should have been kept private ?
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French onion soup or broccoli and cheese soup?
What's your rap name? I'm Young Rape Whistle
how the fuck is this science ?
If you tell a story and mention a person's race even though it isn't necessary for the story, are you a racist or a descriptive story teller?
words are just words. it's the person's intentions on why they used the word that matters. calling someone a niggar, redneck, cracker, honky, fag, red skin, jap, spic, fruit, beaner, sand digger, changer, brownie, bule, gora, or oreo is ultimately has no real negative meaning unless the person saying it is using it in a negative way.
Where would you go if you had a time machine ?
no where. I think you mean when ?
Lol, this is me, like it or not?
how is this science ?
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I might be going to bed what about y'all?😃
this isn't science.
Can You Riddle Me This ?
a trap
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Would You Do It ?
I would. I would do it for 100 million.
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You are granted the ability to make the whole world agree to (and follow) one rule that you set. What do you choose?
be open minded.
Would you rather die believing in a god and finding out there isn’t one or die not believing and find out there is one?
what if you believe in a god and die, but it's the wrong god and his pissed because you believed in a false god.
After many Dms, I changed my name to @madlovesyou making it easier for you to find me ❤️ I'm always here and remember Madeleine always loves you ❤️
Why would a non smoker suddenly, crave the taste and smell of a smoker? Pheromones? Animal attraction? Sensory overload?
daddy smoked and I never got the affection I needed from him. or maybe other reasons.
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I believe in the power of prayer.. Do you?
What is your religion?
Me, yes.. Roman Catholic
Are you polite when given a compliment?
I'll let you know when I get one.
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What is your favorite snack? ❤️
the souls of orphans.
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Am I the only one that chokes up on those goddamn ASPCA commercials?
yeah they are pretty funny.
Walk me through a date with you! What would we do🙃? Where would we go? Tell me 👄👄👄👄
two people walk into the woods. only one comes back.
Do you like phone sex?💋 can you excite me via phone?
sounds expensive.
Why did Abrahamic religions become so widespread?
Satan. he doesn't want you to believe in the one true religion.
Tony Starr
We are the knights who say ekki-ekki-ekki-ekki-ptang-zoom-boing-mrowr!